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The Full Story


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all contain multitudes. I've hit a handful of things out of the park over the years - but not nearly enough. And normally I'd list those accomplishments here and try to make myself sound like The World's Most Fascinating Woman.


Briefly, I can tell you that I'm a writer and multimedia storyteller who runs a virtual assistant company while launching a small business incubator cleverly disguised as a cool public market. I'm also am ambivert who loves doing anything that takes her away from the keyboard.


But I'm giving myself a bit of a reboot during these "unprecedented times," one that doesn't involve impressing anyone on LinkedIn. So stayed tuned and let's see what this place, this sleek virtual she-shed, turns out to be.


Marching Orders

"Take whatever weird little opportunity you have and maximize the fuck out of it." 

Tara Schuster, Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, from Someone Who's Been There

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